about princess

princess is a kaleidoscopic system of infinite girls. she is one half of girl software and she makes games, videos, music, writing, toys, etc.

her work has been exhibited at parties, festivals, conventions, museums, art galleries, in several countries, in a macy's, at the bar association, in the lobby of a gambling company one time, and in space! (no, not in space.)

her interests include cute shapes, bright colors, and eating burgers

here are some things she worked on


celestial hacker girl jessica bomb dolls lachryma gayyyy queen of donuts

Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica
game about marble girl hacking computers and eating cake

Bomb Dolls
endless gay apocalyptic road trip for 3 players

2-player pastel goth physics ritual

game about lesbian space surfers

Queen of Donuts
tiny game about collecting donuts


frogsongs amethyst hd188753 lachryma ost

album full of sparkly dreamy songs

album full of sparkly dreamy songs

hd188753 (coming soon!)
album full of sparkly dreamy songs

lachryma ost
soundtrack for lachryma


the four moons trilogy the adventures of ash the demon girl aminal crossy special girls

The Four Moons Trilogy
ongoing episodic novella about gay animal girls in space

The Adventures of Ash the Demon Girl
story about a princess of hell

aminal crossy
virtual town simulator

special girls
story about special girls


dreams come true conduit

music video for Black Dresses

music video for Ada Rook

princess on exhibit

2021 - Dreamscapes, Static Vision, Pink Flamingo Cinema, Sydney, Australia
2019 - MOTH, Hovergarden x PlayReactive, Richmond, Australia
2019 - BITXBIT, Digital Art Demo Space, Chicago, IL
2019 - Bit Bash, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL
2019 - Now Play This, London Games Festival, Somerset House, London, UK
2018 - IGDA Game Dev Holiday Mixer, Emporium Arcade Bar, Chicago, IL
2016 - Insane in the Game, Sugar Gamers, Scientific Games, Chicago, IL
2016 - Insane in the Game, Sugar Gamers, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
2016 - ValorCon, Macy's State Street, Chicago, IL
2016 - Chicago Video Game Law Summit, Bar Assocation, Chicago, IL

princess in the press

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give princess all your money

you can directly support princess by buying her work on itch.io and bandcamp. she also has a patreon full of special secret things. donate $5 to her ko-fi if you just want her to eat a burger 🍔

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