part 2

2016: princess is having bad mental health, so she puts all her ambitious projects on hold and starts something easier: Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica.

princess is invited to show Brighter Day and Jessica in unexpected places: a feminist art gallery, the Bar Association, the lobby of a slot machine manufacturer, a convention on the top floor of a Macy’s.

2017: princess makes weird little games like Pig Planets, Destiny Rush, and Sparkle Garden. they’re not very good, but they’re an excuse to keep going to events and meeting people.

on New Year’s Eve, she publishes Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica, her first major release in 2 years.

2018: Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica gains a cult following. princess also releases Queen of Donuts, Princess Axolotl of Europa, Frog Mall, and Lachryma. she feels like she's actually making good things for once.

she begins looking for collaborators. she reconnects with jessica, who she met at a gamedev event a couple years ago. they do a weekend game jam together, commit adultery, start making Bomb Dolls, get married, and form Girl Software.

continued in part 3…