part 4

2021: the girls settle into their new home, experiment with 3D printing, take music video commissions, and slowly get back into making games. eileen moves in with them. princess plays a lot of Fortnite.

princess also takes this time to learn C# and update some old games. Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica is completely recoded so girlsoft can start making a sequel: Unholy Vengeance Girl Jessica.

2022: a stressful year. princess develops a lot of weird covid-induced health problems and has to get surgery, the dog goes to the vet, and girlsoft runs out of money.

on the bright side, babygirl moves in, and princess gets a new laptop so she can work fulltime while bedridden. girlsoft makes a video for Ada Rook's song Conduit, Bomb Dolls finally gets an update and a Steam release, and Little Space: Transmissions comes out on New Year’s Eve.

2023: a year of loss and grief for everyone.

to be continued...